Outback Hat Styles

Aussie-Inspired Outback Style Hats are great for casual wear, business and dress, and to wear for a night on the town. The Outback Style hat has a broad brim, usually slightly shaped down in the front and rear, and shaped up on the sides. It is a great look that is popular with our customers. 

The outback hat is generally referred to as Australia's version of the cowboy hat. This style became popular in the states with Disney's release of The Man from Snowy River in 1982. The outback hat isn't as drastic as the American cowboy hats, and is often mistaken for the safari hat, another popular style.
Other outback hats are made of straw, which is very lightweight and comfortable.  The outback straw hat is the perfect summer hat, since itís extremely light weight and the flexible woven straw keeps you cool and fashionable.

As you can tell, there are many different outback hat styles to choose from.  Whether youíre looking for something a bit more rough with a leather outback hat or a hat that is light in weight, there is an outback hat that is right for you. 

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The outback takes the elongated brim of the American cowboy hats, and incorporates the safari style crown. The outback generally has a 3" to 4" in brim length that tapers slightly on the sides, and a 4" crown height. The outback brim is slightly turned up on the sides (not as dramatic as the cowboy hat), and has a teardrop shaped crown. The outback hat is made of various fabrics, such as straw, fur felt, wool felt, canvas, and leather. Because the outback was developed as a sun protection hat, it is great for outdoors.

The Outback Hat comes in many different styles and material.  Most outback hats are waterproof, so getting a little rain-water will not damage the outback hatís material.  This hat is very durable, so any type of rain, snow, or sleet will not damage the outback hat.