Bailey Outback Hats

Bailey began producing fine headwear in 1922, priding itself on founder George Bailey’s emphasis on the importance of a professionally crafted hat. Today, they’re known for the craftsmanship, innovative design and luxury fibers and fabrics including fur felt, wool felt, leather, LiteFelt, genuine Panama, wool, linen and cashmere with a large portion of the Bailey Collection still being produced in the United States at the Bollman Hat Factory located in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.
Simply put, Bailey Hats is a trendsetter. In the 1920’s, classic styles such as fedoras, godfathers and derbies were engineered and popularized by Bailey Hats, as they were seen on silver screen icons like Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart. These individually handcrafted hats last a lifetime and always carry a strong and sophisticated look.

With the foundation of a long and proud heritage, world-renowned quality, innovation, and fashion forward styling, Bailey continues to be a leader in the western, fashion and casual hat arena for men.