Akubra Outback Hats

Akubra was founded by Benjamin Dunkerley and Stephen Keir.  Dunkerley arrived in Tasmania from England and decided to open a hat business in Hobart. He invented machinery that could mechanically remove the hair tip from rabbit fur so the under-fur could be used in felt hat making. Previously this task had to be done by hand.

Stephen Keir I, who had also migrated from England, joined Dunkerley in 1912. Keir had hat making experience from England, and was seen as a valuable acquisition for the business.

High quality Akubra hats can be found at numerous retail hat locations around the world.  Abubra is known for their high quality outback hats made from only the best material.  Whether you’re looking for a Akubra Outback Hat to roam the ranges of Austalia or your looking for a hat for style, Akubra makes all types of styles.
Akubra Outback Hats
Akubra Hats regularly tests its fur felt hats for Ultraviolet Protection.  Akubra hats are currently rated at UPF 50+ and are classified as excellent under the UPF Classification System. This is the highest classification achievable under this system. This confirms the long held belief that Akubra hats provide excellent protection from the sun for those who are outdoors for work or leisure.

For 130 years Akubra has been hand crafting hats from beginning to end, ensuring complete control of the production process and use of the best fur felt available.
The superior rabbit fur felt used by Akubra reinforces its commitment to producing not only an exceptional looking hat but one of the most durable.  There are many hat retailers that carry Akubra Outback Hats both online and at traditional retail locations.