Outback Hats

The outback hat is very similar to the cowboy hat, but is usually smaller with brims that are 3?- 4? wide and tapered up on the sides.  Historically, outback hats were used for protection from the desert like conditions experienced in the Australian outback.  Like the cowboy hats of the Wild American West, the hats worn by the men and women of the Australian Outback were meant to protect the wearer from sun, heat, and rain. The outback hat was used for many things, such as gathering edible drinking water, sun protection, and to spur on a reluctant horse. Head gear in the outback had to be comfortable, durable and light weight in order to be highly effective in the Australian outback. Crown shapes can vary, but the classic outback hat has a teardrop shape that is generally much shorter than the typical cowboy hat.

Australian outback hats are made from fur felt, straw, canvas, leather, wool felt, kangaroo and sometimes mesh. As with the American Cowboy Hat, Outback hats capture the life of the Australian outback through the design and use of the hat.

There are numerous outback hat manufacturers that make high-quality hats. 

Akubra Outback Hats are the original kind of Outback hat. The Keir family began manufacturing outback hats in 1874 and still produce high quality strong lasting outback hats today. The higher quality hats are made of wild rabbit fur. The “snowy river” hat is the most popular Akubra hat. The name is from the movie “The Man from Snowy River.”
Barmah Outback Hats are squashable, which is an Australian term for the ability to fold up the hat in a very small space only to have it spring back into shape. This is due to the particularly high quality of certain leathers that the manufacturers will only use in order to have a consistent product.

Jacaru, which is another outback hat manufacturer, is one of the first companies in Australia to produce a leather outback hat.  They also have a canvas style and both are very rugged and look even better as they age.

Nearly everyone in the Australian Outback will own more than one outback hat, with each having a different use in addition to the normal reason of covering the head in harsh climates. They are not only functional but have become a popular fashion statement for many people around the world.
Both the Wild West and the Australian Outback environmental conditions generated the modern day cowboy and outback hat. Both generated stylish functional hats that symbolize the spirit of their wild, rugged and independent territories. The outback style is popular around the world and is easily recognizable by just about anyone.  If you’re in search for something a bit different than the American Wild West, you may find something rugged, durable, comfortable and fashionable with the modern outback hat.

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